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Limited Release - Red Bay Coffee
Limited Release - Red Bay Coffee

Limited Release


Kenya, Single Origin - Coffee from Kenya is inherently vibrant, bright and tropical. notes of tangerine, brown spice and pineapple.  

 This micro-lot premium coffee is grown by small-holder farmers of the Kiangurwe factory located on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya in Meru County. This region enjoys abundant rainfall and mineral rich soils. Kiangurwe dates its history to 1951 when it was one of 15 factories under Nkuene Farmers Union. During the liberization movement in 1999 the factories were converted into co-operatives to empower farmers. Unfortunately, most societies failed due to poor leadership and fund embezzlement. To survive, Kiangurwe merged with Kaubau in 2005 to form the 800-member strong Uruku Farmers Co-operative Society (FCS).