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Red Bay Coffee is a conscious brand of sustainable specialty coffee. At Red Bay Coffee we provide exceptional specialty coffee with a social mission and unrivaled customer service to corporations, wholesale partners, retail stores, select cafes, grocery markets, and directly to customers doorsteps. As a fast growing award-winning certified B corporation, we bring beautiful coffee to the people and ensure economic opportunity with a team that values diversity and inclusion. 

Our commitment to producing the best and most beautiful coffee starts by building and maintaining real relationships with the farmers and cooperatives that harvest, process and prepare some of the best green coffee in the world. This commitment extends to building mutually uplifting partnerships with of the best mission drive companies in the world. We believe in fair relations and pride ourselves on creating value streams that emphasize experience and ethics, not just supply and demand. 

With Public Roasteries in both Northern and Southern California, and national distribution partnerships, we are capable of meeting a wide array of customer needs.

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Keba Konte, CEO
(510) 399-2441 

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