The Red Bay Coffee Experience can be a great team building experience or just a cool, fun learning for your group or company. We offer a unique coffee experience - a fully engaged event aimed toward understanding coffee's more delicate and subtle characteristics. We use chocolates, fruits and other delicious treats to enlighten and awaken each participant's palate; a partnering of blindfolds and scents is used to create a bridge to the olfactory sense of smell. By creatively engaging the senses of taste and smell we will create an opportunity for each participant to taste coffee in a new and fascinating way. We will also take you through an informative and brief history of coffee, lead you through a few brewing methods and coffee roasting - let’s see who can cut it as a roaster! For more information, please contact Kaleb Houston, Director of Coffee, via email @  
We roast small batches in our garden coffee roasting lab, affectionately known as the “Coffee Dojo.”
We believe in creating lasting, meaningful and fair relationships with our farmers.
We love what we do, and know you’ll taste it in every sip.