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King's Prize
Kimbereley (New York)
Smoothest Coffee

My sister and I are in love with King’s Prize. This is the smoothest tasting coffee to the both us. We particularly enjoy it by adding a tiny bit of cinnamon to the grounds before we French press. Wonderful coffee and we will be ordering more.

Excellent coffee

This was really good coffee! At least as good as if not better than my local micro-roaster (shhhh!)

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Slow Burn
Solon Stewart-Rose (California)
Best Espresso out there

my go to espresso. great crema, flavor, mouth feel. Makes fantastic caps and lattes. Subscribe weekly.


I make coffee for our Sunday school class and everyone that tried it loved the flavor.

Nathaniel Kutsaftis


King's Prize
Allison Perry

This is my 2nd time purchasing this coffee and I'm always so pleased. One of my all time favorite brews!

Amazingly delicious

Was taken aback when first tried your coffee! Don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a up of coffee as much as I did then! Thank you for the sample! Am using it for special treat time! Have spread thee experience to others.

A Program and Product I Can Get With

I love your mission statement and product.
Those are the main things that I need when considering who(m) I do business.
Thank you for having awareness that resonates with my values.

Ocho Libre Decaf
Nikki Armstead (Arizona)
Finally a great quality decaf

I had to move from regular to decaf for health reasons and I wanted to find a tasty quality decaf to still give me the joy of drinking a cup of coffee. Love the flavor. And it’s great a cold brew!

Love it

Excellent roast, I was thoroughly impressed. I recommend for a cappuccino or latte with Oat Milk.

Slow Burn
Elena Rusanovschi (California)

Slow Burn

Red Bay Coffee

Recv'd coffee and ground the beans. Upon opening the bag the smell was so intoxicating -coffee smelled so inviting- rich, dark, and deep with maybe some chocolate undertones. I brewed a few cups and sat in my favorite chair to drink and enjoy. Was not disappointed- coffee tastes even better than it smelled! I savored every mouthful- so full bodied - so rich tasting. Thank you for the experience.

Lighter than I expected, great flavor!

I got East Fourteenth- A dark roast that doesn’t feel too dark, I’m a fan, we bought more!


I was completely surprised. I missed that it was whole beans , but once I grind them the aroma was amazing and the taste was smooth, full and delightful.

Coffee is delicious!

I really loved the sample of Red Bay Coffee that I received. The beans were nice and fresh and the smell was amazing! The portion of the sample sized bag was great as well. The flavor was nutty and rich, absolutely loved it. Will definitely be purchasing a full size bag soon!

East Fourteenth
Deborah Fung (Massachusetts)

Best coffee and I’ve tried A LOT of coffee

Very good beans

I brewed these beans in a variety of ways, but they came out best as a french press cold brew.

Red Bay Coffee is Exceptional

I found my sample of Carver's Dream to be very enjoyable. It was flavorful without being bitter or stale tasting, and had a distinct, extremely pleasing finish. I highly recommend your coffee and will purchase it again in the future. I would also consider it for gift-giving for my coffee-loving friends.

5 lb Whole Bean Coffee Bag
Myrna Heiser (Wisconsin)
Red Bay Coffee

Smooth tasting Red Bay Coffee, I chose Dark Roast - East Fourteenth. The coffee beans are small and grind evenly. Going to enjoy this bag of coffee.

King's Prize
Chadwick Prima (New York)
Great choice

If you haven't tried this coffee, you should. It's fantastic. I only wish they sold the whole beans.

Great tasting easy drinking.

Tried on bonavita drip and French press and really easy drinking delicious coffee, a little nutty

Going Local Is Tops

It is so nice to get great coffee from a local roaster. At Red Bay, they sent me a sample pack free, I only paid S&H, and the coffee is great! They did not skimp. I am still going through the beans they sent me and sharing it with my neighbor. I will be getting back in touch with them for my next bag of coffee beans.

good coffee mild taste

Worth The Wait!

So I'd heard about Red Bay Coffee and thought I'd try it. The Roaster's Surprise sampler I got was Carver's Dream. It took a while to try it because I hadn't ground any up yet. But, it was worth the wait. The flavor was not gimmicky like some of the fun ones I buy from time to time elsewhere. This was a rich cup without being bold. Fair warning: it is dangerously smooth; I found myself drinking more than I normally would because it. Is. Just. That. Good.