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Surprisingly good coffee

This coffee is smooth and tasty,I like it better than any other blend I’ve had so far,I’m actually having my second cup while I’m writing this

Delicious. A pleasant change from my usual store brand of coffee.


Gifted sister and it has become her favorite. She won’t share.


I was partway through drinking this coffee when it hit me how much I was enjoying it! Smooth,'s just delicious. Normally I shy away from coffees that have citrus in the tasting notes, because I don't like acidic tasting coffee. Maybe I should revisit that policy because this one tastes incredibly well-balanced!

Morning surprise sample

This coffee was absolutely amazing. I may consider purchasing it in the future for a special occasion as it is quite expensive. And due to the fact i am a coffee addict, i would go through one bag in 2 weeks !

Excellent service

Coffee is great- I order 2-3 bags a month. This month the coffee bags themselves and the shipping package has come open during shipment, leaving me with a mix of three bags of coffee, that was leaking beans into the mail truck. Red Bay immediately replaced my shipment, and shipped in a cardboard box to ensure the same result didn’t happen. Excellent service.

great coffeee


Found my new favorite coffee!

Wow!! I must say that I'm really impressed with your coffee!! I still consider myself a new coffee drinker because I've only been drinking it since my son was born over 4 years ago. I don't drink it daily, but now I want to because your coffee is so good! It's my new favorite!! I love that it was fresh roasted and fresh ground when I received it and I could really tell the difference between it and my other store bought brands. Your coffee is sooooo delicious, I was raving about it to my husband! So glad I tried your coffee!! I’ll be looking for it at my local Trader Joe’s!!!

So smooth!

I LOVE this espresso. It's the only one I drink these days. It's so smooth and delicious.

Better than Starbucks hands down

This coffee has fantastic flavor. I MEAN that. I’m not even using a fancy creamer. The flavor comes through perfectly balanced and rich. Highly recommend!!

This is the shizzle!

Rich, yet smooth as silk. Received a 1 lb bag from my son for Christmas. Just received 5 lbs. My mornings are about to get better.



Fantastic coffee

I have 12oz of this shipped to me every two weeks. Great flavor, love this roast. Shipping is always prompt and lightning quick! Highly recommended.

Bella Vista

Supporting Businesses that Support Communities

Not only is the coffee rich, bold, and delicious, but so are the efforts they care about! Love supporting this incredible business, and having delicious coffee to sip every morning 😊

Heavenly sip of a perfect beautiful coffee

So happy to finally find coffee beans that I enjoy making a perfect cup of coffee every morning. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Great coffee

Outstanding taste it is almost on par with my Haitian coffee keep up the great work

Great blend!

The subscription service works, so I'm never out of Red Bay.

Every Surprise Is A Great One!

I received the Motherland roast for my sample bag and loved it. :)

Slow Burn!

These are the best espresso beans I’ve had. It’s convenient to get 5 lbs at a time and the delivery is fast, and ordering is super easy online.

Love the decaf

One of the best tasting decaf bean I’ve had!!

The best

Love Red bay coffee by the 5 Lb bag
Tastes great and is so convenient


Love the coffee ☕

Rich, chocolatey goodness

I brew this as espresso, and it is one of our tried-and-true bean varieties that's always on the shelf (along with Coltrane and Hayes Valley). Full bodied enough to stand up to milk; smooth and mellow enough to drink unsweetened. With the right ratio tastes very much of dark chocolate and very low acidity. Comforting and delicious!