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Brazilian Cake Lady
Kara Johnson (Alabama)
Brazilian Cake Lady

So smooth. I love it! I purchased a sample and this is the one I wanted. Wonderful surprise!!!! I'll be ordering SOON ☺️

5 lb Whole Bean Coffee Bag
K.S. (New Hampshire)
Always amazing

Best coffee.

King's Prize
Debra Robinson (Georgia)
King's Prize

Smooth! Great taste and no bitter bite.

Delicious coffee

Some of the best tasting coffee I have tried.

Carver's Dream
Kavindra White (Tennessee)
Another smooth flavorful blend

I haven't figured out which is my most favorite because they are all so good. I do love how this is stronger but doesn't have the bitterness of some coffees. It is very smooth and I usually want to drink more than I should.


You've got a new customer for life. Your mission & hiring practices are amazing AND your coffee is phenomenal. Just amazing. All the thumbs up.


I still have not received my order yet.

6 Oz Whole Bean Sample Bag: Roaster's Surprise
Kimberly Coles (Pennsylvania)
Exceeded my Expectations

I'm a starbucks fan, I never realized how bitter my pikes place was until I tried Red bay Coffee! It was full, yet smooth. I'm going to order more

Beautiful Coffee Tee

Great product! The shirt fits perfectly and feels amazing!

East Fourteenth
Thomas H (Colorado)
Great for espresso

East Fourteenth is my favorite Red Bay coffee for espresso.

Don’t Go Changing:-}

Great company/product

Amazing tasting sample pack!

Really enjoyed the sample pack! Great tasting coffee!

Great coffee and love the ease of the e- Card

I love the coffee, and I really like using the E-Gift cards; I used them both times as gift prizes at two different events.

Great coffee

Great tasting coffee I've had so far.

Bella Vista
CJ_LBC (California)
Pleasant & Delicious

You definitely can't miss the chocolate notes in this medium roast.
It's mellow and balanced.

I would buy again, except this limited release is now sold out (and rightfully so).

Thanks for making this one happen.

6 Oz Whole Bean Sample Bag: Roaster's Surprise
lovelygyrl031483 (District of Columbia)
Lovely coffee

Repeat customer for life

Coffee Sample

The coffee was very good!! Thank You!! We will buy more when we can splurge.

Good coffee

$3 for a sample is a fantastic deal. Tastes great too. Will buy more in the future.

Gabrielle Henderson (Texas)
I wish I bought more!!

My husband and I LOVE this blend. I can't wait till it comes back in stock. I will be stocking up!

Bella Vista
sean san josé (California)
another great bean

red bay be da BEST! always try and cop their limited edition beans- this one didnt fail, once again

6 Oz Whole Bean Sample Bag: Roaster's Surprise
Denny Landrum (North Carolina)
Great taste!!

Loved the ground coffee! Great taste!

6 Oz Ground Sample Bag: Roaster's Surprise

Very tasty but super expensive.

Pretty much what I said. If money was no object, I'd probably buy more but it's super expensive.

Cameron L (California)
Help me unsubscribe

I keep getting emails everytime I purchase your delicious coffee and even when I unsubscribe the cycle repeats the next time I buy.

Excellent coffee

Rich, bold, delicious