Sweet Unity
Sweet Unity Sweet Unity

Single Origin, Medium Roast, Chocolate Stout, Ruby Grapefruit, Green Tea

Sweet Unity Farms was founded by David Robinson, son of the legendary Jackie Robinson. Growing up entrenched in the Civil Rights Movement, David was inspired to dedicate his life to the development of racial and human opportunity, and since 1989, has been involved in the development of Africa through sustainable agriculture. David’s passion for human rights, economic wellness and quality coffee, makes Sweet Unity Farms an ideal partner to celebrate this accomplishment.

The coffee beans are grown in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania, a region with an average elevation of 1,300 meters. In line with Sweet Unity’s mission, the growers are members of the Mshikamano Farmers Group, a cooperative of small scale, family- owned farms and associated Mbeya coops. The focus of this 47-member co-op, founded in 1996, is to focus on education, solar energy use and water usage development. Direct partnerships with coffee companies, such as Red Bay, are integral to the co-op’s goal to abolish poverty and under-development.