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Marshalee Valentine and JAWiC's Global Impact on Women in Coffee

In the lush hills of Jamaica, a revolution is underway within the coffee industry, led by the visionary Marshalee Valentine and her team at JAWiC (Jamaican Women in Coffee). With a mission to connect, recognize, and empower women in coffee, JAWiC is cultivating a future where women have equal access to resources and the benefits of their labor.

In a world where women do 70% of the work on coffee farms but own only 15% of the land and traded beans, JAWiC's initiatives are not just commendable but crucial for creating a more equitable coffee landscape.

Recognizing Women's Contributions:
JAWiC acknowledges the invaluable role that women play in the coffee industry, from the farms to the trading floor. Through extensive data collection efforts, JAWiC is gaining insights into the specific challenges faced by Jamaican women in coffee, allowing them to tailor their support and initiatives effectively. 


Empowering Through Education and Mentorship:
One of JAWiC's key strategies for empowering women in coffee is through education and mentorship. By providing training and mentorship programs, JAWiC is improving production quality and equipping women with the skills they need to succeed in the industry. Additionally, JAWiC is building a global network of potential buyers, ensuring that Jamaican women have access to markets for their products. Through these initiatives, JAWiC is not just empowering individual women but also strengthening the entire Jamaican coffee community.


Giving Women a Collective Voice:
At the heart of JAWiC's mission is the belief that women in coffee deserve to have a collective voice and agency in shaping their industry's future. By bringing together women from all corners of the coffee supply chain – from farmers to traders to baristas – JAWiC is amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights. Through leadership development programs and initiatives to uplift policy shapers within the community, JAWiC is ensuring that women have a seat at the table where decisions are made.


Sustainable Practices for a Better Future:
As climate change threatens the future of coffee production, JAWiC is taking proactive steps to ensure a sustainable future for all. By implementing environmentally friendly practices and promoting resilience in the face of climate change, JAWiC is safeguarding the livelihoods of Jamaican women in coffee and the industry as a whole. Through these efforts, JAWiC is not just preserving the rich tradition of Jamaican coffee but also paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future.