Empowering Girls through Education in Uganda with Bayganda and Moses Byentaro Handcrafted Mugs

Bayganda Foundation

At Red Bay Coffee, we are committed to making a positive impact in the world. That is why we are proud to partner again with the Bayganda Foundation, a Bay Area non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls through education in Uganda. Founded by Bay Area native Erica Varize, the Bayganda Foundation sponsors the education of girls in Uganda, providing them with access to education. Today, the foundation sponsors the education of 26 girls to attend boarding school in Uganda, building a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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Red Bay x Bayganda

One of the ways that you can support the work of the Bayganda Foundation is by purchasing a handcrafted mug made by Ugandan artist, Moses Byentaro. His one-of-a-kind black pottery is making its way from Uganda, all the way to California. Moses learned his unique craft at the age of 8 from his grandmother and now has a 25-person staff made up of 50% women. Every piece is handmade and fired in his local village of Mukono, a small agricultural community in Kampala.




The Bayganda Foundation is currently in need of 14 monthly sponsors for their girls, and a gift of $150 provides tuition, boarding school, supplies, and uniforms, enabling the continuation of this critical work. By sponsoring a girl's education, you're not only providing her with the opportunity to access education and build a brighter future for herself, but you're also promoting the empowerment of the girl child and building a brighter future for the communities of Uganda. Your gift enables the continuation of this critical work– Consider changing a life and sponsoring a girl child’s tuition at