Beautiful Coffee is a tale of entrepreneurship, of upliftment through better business models, and of creative solutions to hiring and community building

Meet Keba and Rachel Konte — entrepreneurs and artists in their own right, who took the bold step of carving their own path in the world. Through their innovation, creativity, and commitment to their values, the Red Bay team overcame old workforce models with narrow views of who and what is permissible, leaving us with a simple, but profound message that may be exactly what the world of work needs to hear: that everything — from the processes we put in place to the goals we set our sights on — can, and should, be a creative act. And in knowing this, we each play our role in creating something beautiful, fresh, and new.

With the help of the best independent filmmakers in our work marketplace, we are proud to help tell the story of Red Bay Coffee, Keba, and Rachel. To learn more about the independent talent that created this film, follow this link.