Thank you for your interest in our specialty coffee experiences. 

To learn more call or text Rolando & Maria: +1 (510) 399-2441

What's included:

We program a carefully crafted experience that engages people in conversation while presenting made-to-order cups of espresso or pour over drip brewing.

Each program features a highly skilled Barista and handcrafted beautiful works of wooden art. To ensure success, our team:

    1. Supports logistics–planning, delivery, etc.

    2. Provides all the equipment needed for the experience, along with coffee bar setup, compostable cups/lids, dairy/non-dairy creamers, sugar, stirrers, etc. 

    3. Collaborates with event facilitators to decide how Baristas engage your audiences. For example, we can proudly provide Barista service only serving as catering staff, or we can integrate into the event by sharing stories during the event (e.g. "Women in Coffee for Women's History Month"

    What other stories do you tell?

    We normally share how Red Bay Coffee got started, details about coffee and coffee culture, and always about our firm commitment to ensure coffee production is not only high quality and sustainable, but also a vehicle for social and economic restoration. 

    There's such a well of stories to pull from and so we decide collaboratively with our hosts beforehand.  We do this work to reinforce or align with the themes and key messages of the event.
    If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please call or text Rolando & Maria: +1 (510) 399-2441.