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The New Standard in Single-Serve Coffee

STEEPED COFFEE is the easiest way to make a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes. Take Your Moment — at home, work, or on the go. Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bags are filled with 100% hand roasted specialty coffee and are crafted for quality, convenience, and sustainability. Every Steeped Coffee Bag is nitro-sealed for freshness within packaging that's made using compostable and renewable materials, making every cup guilt-free and eco-friendly.

Red Bay x Steeped is Here!

Add Red Bay Steeped Bags to 8oz of Water, dunk for 15 seconds to get light crema (like a French Press), and Steep for 5 minutes. No machines, pods, equipment results in a single serving of coffee that is truly a simple cup.

  • Motherland (Burundi, Rutana Province) Single Origin
    Medium Roast - Orange Blossom, Turbinado Sugar, Damson Plum
  • Slow Burn (Blend of Brazilian and Sumatran)
    Espresso Roast - Mission Fig, Molasses, Allspice
  • Brazilian Cake Lady (Brazil) Single Origin
    Full-bodied medium roast with mild acidity. Golden raisin, nougat, citrus zest.