#BayGanda - Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs from Uganda - Red Bay Coffee

#BayGanda - Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs from Uganda

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A message from Erica Varize:

“I have been asked many times what brings me joy? The simple answer: Joy for me is watching others being successful while operating in their God-given gift. I view life through this lens, “are you operating in your gift?”

The BayGanda Foundation allows me the privilege of connecting special people to one another. For the past 15years, we have been connecting Bay Area girls to the art of sewing at our annual Sew What Summer Camp. In Uganda, we connect young girls with families who support their boarding school Education. Why would we stop there? 

After meeting my friend Moses, a talented Ugandan ceramist, I immediately knew he needed to connect with my favorite Bay Area coffee family - Red Bay! Byentaro and RedBay are an inspiration to us they are Bay - Ganda. The BayGanda Foundation is the connecting piece for the Bay Area and Uganda. 

We love what we do and love the people we are impacting through our work.”


Red Bay Coffee brings beautiful coffee to the people. Every day we strive to develop beautiful coffees, fair relations, and delicious approaches to living. We are coffee professionals, foodies, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, community folk, and innovators. We love what we do.

Moses Byentaro, a talented Ugandan ceramist, and his team of artist workers are creating jobs and beautiful traditional pottery. As a boy Moses watched his grandmother create pottery and made a career choice to follow her lead. Opening his own studio in 2016 his distinctive monochromatic aesthetic has quickly made him one of the most recognizable ceramic brands in the region.

Erica Varize is a champion of all things girl. Domestically and globally she is strengthening the bond between two worlds for girls who long to use their education for self-sustainability by teaching the art of sewing in 9 US schools and in Kamapala, Uganda. As the CEO of the Bayganda Foundation, she helps provide hands-on education for girls grades K-12 Girls in Uganda who have been left orphaned by lack of parental support.  

To learn more about The Bayganda Foundation visit:
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