Featured Partner - Actual Cafe - Red Bay Coffee

Featured Partner - Actual Cafe

UM_Store_027-2Actual Cafe has been a gathering place in the Golden Gate neighborhood of North Oakland since 2009. We serve great coffee along with breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch - we're open 7 days a week. We've been vocal about the challenges of running a small business, and engaged in open and public dialogs about fair wages, development and gentrification, the shifting role of technology in our lives and public spaces, and the value of entrepreneurship as a social good. Why We Chose Red Bay Coffee We love Red Bay Coffee’s product, and have a lot of common ground in terms of shared values. We prioritize local spending to support a sustainable local economy. We're fiercely proud to be in & of Oakland, and we're striving to maintain and grow an equitable business in challenging times. We're excited to be sharing this journey with Red Bay Coffee, and we're looking forward to continuing to grow together. Actual Cafe Signature Drink or Food Item We make all sorts of housemade agave-based syrups from great ingredients and spices - flavors like fresh ginger, cardamom, jalapeno, honey-lavender, and more. These end up in our coffee drinks (our honey-lavender latte is one of our most popular), as well as milkshakes, egg creams, and lemonades. On the food front, we make a great burger, and other comfort food like chili, mac & cheese, wings, fried chicken and beautiful salads & soups. Our weekends are laptop-free, and we encourage our neighbors to take a break from technology with us on the weekends.