Great Grinds Drink Alike Presents: Artist Baba Diop - Red Bay Coffee

Great Grinds Drink Alike Presents: Artist Baba Diop

Red Bay Coffee is inspired by the many talented people we are surrounded by in Oakland. Our Great Grinds Campaign proudly features people we admire for their commitment and grind to their craft.

Baba Diop is a multi-talented artist who considers himself an artisan due to his proficiency in both clothing design and painting. Hailing from Senegal, he embraces his rich heritage and ancestral lineage of artisans, particularly on his mother's side. This familial connection holds deep meaning for Baba, as he recalls cherished memories every time he meticulously stitches his garments by hand.

Baba Diop has established his own clothing brand, Xelkom. Through Xelkom, he showcases his exceptional talent for handcrafting custom one-of-one pieces. Each garment is meticulously created by Baba himself, reflecting his dedication to producing unique and exclusive designs.

Drawing inspiration from his Senegalese background and personal experiences, Baba Diop's artistic vision extends beyond fashion and spills onto canvas, where he expresses his creativity through painting. His diverse artistic pursuits reflect a deep passion for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating his cultural identity.

No doubt Baba Diop is someone to look out for in the future. If you want to know more about Baba Diop and his artist work you can follow his design page on Instagram @xelkom.