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Meet the Farms: Sweet Unity Farms

In our "Meet the Farms" series, we proudly present Sweet Unity Farms. Sweet Unity Farms is Red Bay Coffee's longest trading partner and has proudly supplied us for the past seven years. Sweet Unity Farms is a cooperative of 200 small family farms founded by David Robinson, son of baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Committed to enhancing the economic position and quality of life for rural coffee farmers, Sweet Unity Farms fosters a model of global citizenship that combines coffee excellence with human development.

A Legacy of Empowerment:

Inspired by his upbringing entrenched in the Civil Rights Movement, David Robinson devoted his life to racial and human opportunity. Since 1989, Sweet Unity Farms has been actively involved in sustainable agriculture. With direct trade relationships and partnerships within the international coffee industry, they strive to uplift coffee growers and farmers while creating a better future for all.

Excellence in Coffee Production:

At the heart of Sweet Unity Farms is their commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee beans. Their coffees exclusively come from the top grades of 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from family-owned cooperatives in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Red Bay Coffee has purchased 39,000 pounds in each of their last two harvests. These beans are grown at over 3,500 feet above sea level in the rich volcanic soil of the Rift Valley. This unique terroir lends a distinct flavor profile to their coffees, ensuring a truly exceptional and unforgettable experience with every cup. These beans make up our exceptional East Fourteenth roast that continues to be a fan favorite at Red Bay Coffee. 

Partnership with Mshikamano Farmers Group:

Sweet Unity Farms collaborates closely with the Mshikamano Farmers Group, a cooperative of 47 small-scale, family-owned farms. Together, they focus on education, sustainable energy use, and water usage development. By partnering with coffee companies like Red Bay Coffee, Sweet Unity Farms, and the Mshikamano Farmers Group, work tirelessly to eliminate poverty and underdevelopment, creating a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry.

Direct Trade for Mutual Growth:

Sweet Unity Farms firmly believes in the power of direct trade relationships with coffee growers and farmers. Their direct trade system serves as a catalyst, delivering financial resources and administrative opportunities to continuously enhance the skills and capacity of farmers and the cooperative. This mutually beneficial approach ensures that exceptional coffee and positive social impact go hand in hand.


Sweet Unity Farms, in collaboration with the Mshikamano Farmers Group, empowers coffee farmers for sustainable growth. Their focus on education and partnership with Red Bay Coffee cultivates a brighter future for Tanzanian farmers, creating a global citizenship model where coffee excellence and human development thrive together.