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“From seed to cup, Red Bay is devoted to sourcing, roasting and delivering the best and most beautiful coffee to the people. We work globally to source high quality, sustainable and fair trade coffees. We work locally to roast and serve excellent coffee, provide outstanding service, and live our mission of inclusion and diversity.” Keba Konte, Founder, Red Bay Coffee RB_Wefunderblog-Flyer-2 OUR AMBITION Just this year, Oakland was ranked the best city for coffee in the U.S. and Red Bay is leading the pack—creating opportunities for our local community while fostering single origin, fair trade, and sustainable coffees. We've earned the privilege of providing coffee to some of the biggest tech names: Uber, Salesforce, Twitter and more. They love our coffee and they’re located in our back yard. We aim to build upon that wholesale business and our individual retail locations to expand nationwide. WANT TO BECOME AN INVESTOR IN RED BAY COFFEE AND HELP DRIVE OUR SUCCESS? After three years we have accomplished some amazing things and we are continuing to grow. However, growth takes capital and we have discovered a game changing investment platform, which enables investors large and small to participate. Check out our WeFunder page and see if this may be a good fit for you.