We Won 3 Golden Beans. Meet our Head Roaster. - Red Bay Coffee

We Won 3 Golden Beans. Meet our Head Roaster.


The Golden Bean North America 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee is the world’s largest coffee roaster competition, with a total of 1,300 entries from 450 roasters from all around the continent.


Red Bay Coffee entered 6 categories and received 3 bronze medals:

Filter - Coltrane

Espresso - Slow Burn 

Decaffeinated - Ocho Libre 


Our Head Roaster Karla Mancio said “It’s important for us to be there and help create a more diverse specialty coffee industry and it’s good to know that we can be judged by our peers and get recognized for our high quality coffees.”

Karla was also featured in Fresh Cup Magazine after winning at the competition.

We’re proud of our hard-working coffee team and happy to share beautiful - and award-winning - coffee to the people.