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5 lb bag of Black Gold for your Shelter In Place
5 lb bag of Black Gold for your Shelter In Place

5 lb bag of Black Gold for your Shelter In Place


SIP Black Gold at Home.

a poem

If you're going to stay at home go ahead and get your weight up.
Buy Black Gold by the pound for your wake-ups.

Caring for yourself and your people who bring the day love.
Hard times can help you refresh with your day ones.

Shipping is included, dropped straight to your door.
Let’s keep it healthy with beautiful coffee and more.

This is stock up for your stay up–a “limited time” with fresh roasts for your shelter in place, top of the line. We remind you that this moment is a moment to shine, notice bags are whole beans with instructions for the grind.


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Flavor Notes



Carver’s Dream

cherry compote, almond paste, dark chocolate

Burundi, Guatemala

Espresso Blend

Slow Burn

mission fig, molasses, allspice

Indonesia, Brazil

Espresso Blend

East Fourteenth

blackberry, dark chocolate, date


Single Origin, Dark Roast


black grape, dark chocolate, cane sugar


Single Origin, Medium

Brazilian Cake Lady

golden raisin, nougat, citrus zest


Single Origin, Medium

King’s Prize

white peach, honeysuckle, melon


Single Origin, Medium

Ocho Libre

caramel, tangerine, cinnamon


Decaf Single Origin, Medium