2022 & Beyond

Gratitude and Commitment fill me as 2022 is upon us.

First and foremost, gratitude for the Red Bay Coffee staff. I want to thank the hard-working folks for trusting us to take care of them and keeping them as safe as we can. Thank You! Team Red Bay, for being there and giving your all under the most trying circumstances. We deeply appreciate you.

Of course, the other side to that relationship is our commitment to our loyal and new customers. Although we may refer to our most loyal customers as “regulars,” you all are so much more than regular. From this point on we will refer to you as our “Extraordinaries.” Thank you Extraordinaries for subscribing to our coffee delivery service, for recommending us to friends, thank you for gifting our coffee to the coffee lovers in your life. A special thanks for showing us grace when we don’t get it exactly right. And to our new customers as well, thanks for giving Red Bay a try… we hope to earn your loyalty and will be honored to become part of your coffee ritual.

As challenging as these last two years have been with the virus, economic uncertainty, and related and unrelated political, social upheavals, Red Bay counts our blessings every day for the opportunity to continue to grow and to serve. During this period, we have grown our business more than 95% and with more growth on the horizon. This has not been without growing pains. Yes, we’ve had them. Blood, sweat, and tears? Yes, plenty. But we are deeply and truly grateful for having made it this far and are committed to the work necessary to assure a future of which we can all be proud.

In February 2014, we set out to make a difference in the coffee industry. Our aim was to create an organization that brought a greater diversity of people into all levels of the specialty coffee industry. We achieved this by intentionally building teams reflecting our global/historic coffee origins, reflecting our immediate communities, and including those folks facing barriers to entry into this wonderfully creative, craft-coffee world. We are still loving what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for.

Red Bay Coffee has become the most relevant coffee brand in America, and you are our champions.

In Gratitude and Continued Commitment,

Keba Konte
Founder, Red Bay Coffee