Coffee Dojo

Coffee Dojo is a show about the intersection of leadership, culture, and creativity and bold outliers who are disrupting business as usual. Host Keba Konte, founder of Red Bay Coffee and renowned artist and food entrepreneur, sits down with thought leaders and creatives from around the world and around the block. The show takes its name from the actual “coffee dojo” Konte created in his garage back in 2013 when he dedicated himself to mastering the craft of coffee roasting and launching a successful business. When guests step into the “coffee dojo” podcast, they reveal insights about what it takes to “hone their skills, master a craft, and practice” whether that be as founder of a tech startup, a celebrated artist or thought leader, or a dedicated community organizer.

Every week, listeners can get their “coffee dojo fix” three times a week, as we release each episode in three acts, Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.